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Increase your potential profit with the leverage up to 30X

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Available pairs for Margin trading
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EXMO Margin benefits

5 order types

Choose among traditional market, limit and stop orders or use trailing stop and limit orders for more advanced trading strategies.

Short and Long positions

Take advantage of crypto currency price increase by opening long positions or go short when the price decreases.

Leverage up to 20X

Choose leverage for each order and manage your risk-to-reward ratio.

Risk management

Potential risks for each position are limited by the funds reserved in the position and not the entire balance.
1000 USD
Change in asset price
On EXMO Margin
+400 USD
On spot exchange
+100 USD

How leverage works *

Use our interactive calculator to see how your profit varies depending on the leverage, investment amount and asset price change.
* Example of how leverage works when opening a long position when the asset's price increases
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Get started with EXMO Margin

1. Create an account on EXMO

1 minuteGet registered or log in to the spot platform

2. Top up your spot account

10 minutesPass identity verification and make a deposit to your spot account

3. Transfer funds to the margin wallet

2 minutesGo to the margin wallet and transfer funds from your spot account

4. Trade with leverage

Place orders and open long or short positions
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User-friendly trading interface
EXMO Margin suits beginner and pro traders alike. Our interface is intuitive and easy to use.
You can switch between spot and margin platforms with a click of a button, select leverage size, analyse market movements and adjust trading strategies.

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